Metalised Film Suppliers

Metalised Film Suppliers

Metalized Bopp Film

Metalized Polyester Film suppliers

Metalized BOPP fims are used for Heat-sealable flexible packaging, gift wraps and decorative.


  • Heat sealable Metalized film for single and two-ply packaging structure
  • High-speed packaging application


  • Excellent Hot-tack and seal strength
  • Good Water vapor and gas barrier properties
  • Excellent Metal Bond Strength
  • Good Lamination Bond Strength
  • Converting and Laminating
  • Synthetic Zari & Metallic Yarn
  • Electronic Goods Packaging
  • Insulation Ducting
  • Decorative Applications


To verify for planned parameters including G.S.M., size, treatment, clarity, and bond strength, we have testing equipment on-site. These tests are carried out regularly and before sending the package to the clients. To not only meet but also surpass client expectations around the world, we at Paragon will make every effort to deliver Products and Services of superior quality on time through Speed, Innovation, Teamwork, Flexibility, and Empowered Employees. The finished items are successfully given shape and ensured to satisfy the specified performance and durability standards using a variety of creative techniques from our skilled staff as well as insightful client ideas. We can provide a wide range of product alternatives as a result of our ongoing efforts to improve product quality and innovation.

Transparent One Side Metallised Other Side Heat Sealable Untreated Normal Barrier 15/18/20/25/30/35/40 Heat Sealable Metallised Film for Single / Two Ply Packaging Structure

Transparent Non Heat Sealable Metallised

10/12/15/17/18/20/25 Meattallised film for Lamination with Paper / Paper Board, Gift Wrapping & Decorative Applications

Transparent One Side Metallised Other Side Non Heat Sealable Corona Treated

15/18/20/25/30 Metallised Film for Sandwich Layer In Three Ply Laminate Packaging Structure

One side metallised other side Low sit heat sealable

15/18/20/25/30/35/40 Low sit heat sealable metallised film for single / two ply packaging structure For high speed packaging application.

One side metallised other side Ultra low sit heat sealable

15/18/20/25/28/30/35/40 Ultra low sit heat sealable metallised film for single / two ply packaging Structure for very high speed packaging applications.