About Us


We are a leading distribution house of various packaging films such as Polyester (PET), Polypropylene (OPP), Metalized films etc. which is being used in the field of Flexible packaging specially designed for FFS machines, Board laminations, thermal laminations, Box over wrappings, Self adhesive tapes, Textile over wrap, Twist wrap for confectionery, Biscuit packaging, Metallic yarn, Synthetic Jari, Holograms, Garment bags, Paper Plates, Electrical insulation and Cables, Electronic component Packaging such as PCB, IC, Stationery items & Decoration items, Audio tape applications, High speed (Cigarette, Blade, Tea, CD bundle) Over Wrapping & Tight Wrap etc.

We are dedicated to helping our customers to thrive in their business by providing advanced solutions and first class services. With the ever increasing complexity and demands placed on flexible packaging, our customers require a supplier that understands their needs and has the capabilities and resources to deliver the highest performing films. We are committed to be this supplier.


We have in-house testing equipments to check for designed parameters like, G.S.M., size, treatment, clarity and bond strength. These tests are conducted at regular interval and before dispatching the consignment to the clients. We at Paragon shall endeavor to supply Products and Services of unmatched quality on time through Speed, Innovation, Teamwork, Flexibility and Empowered employees so as not only to meet but exceed customer expectations globally. Different innovative methods of our qualified personnel as well as valuable suggestions of our clients are successfully incorporated to give shape to the finished products and ensure that they meet the desired performance and durability standards. Due to our continuous efforts on product innovation and quality, we are able to offer a wide range of product possibilities.

For us, quality is commitment that must be kept, no matter what, because trust needs to be nurtured and protected.

The Quality Objectives

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing consistency in quality.
  • Improve Business performance through effective quality management systems.
  • Improve product and resource utilization.
  • Developing a competent team through training.